Healthy Lunch


Sandwiches to street food

Breakfast meeting- starting at £4 per person- Assortment of delicious danish pastries, fresh fruits and yogurts. 

Sandwich platters- starting at £5 per person- Fresh baked breads, traditional fillings, lots of variety, always prepared and delivered the same day.

Staff Lunch for £7.50 per person- Sandwiches, wraps or rolls, crisps, fruit basket and cake.

Traditional buffets- starting at £8 per person- Sandwich platter, scotch eggs, cocktail sausages, pork pies, pasta, green leaf and potato salads, sweets and cakes, charcuteri boards, fruit baskets and more.

Big Pan street food cooked on site! Paella, jambalaya or chilli tacos all cooked and served from our giant pans by our trained chefs. 

Meet and greet breakfast baps served  from one of our jiffy vans 

Monday to Friday lunch package for long term catering 

You can email us using the link below, we will work with you to tailor a menu and prices to suit your guests and budget.